Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Great Weekend and Some Recommendations to Boot!

It's been an eventful and fun weekend around here. Family was abound and plentiful all weekend long. We had the great pleasure of having our cute cousins Riley and Kalli spend the night with us on Friday night. It was a night filled with games and laughter! For a Family game recommendation I suggest you ask Santa to bring your family Uno Spin! This game has a great SPIN on the original classic and our kids LOVED it. We played it for a couple of hours!

Saturday was yet another fun-family-filled day! It started with me shopping with my mom for Kalli's Birthday presents! We ended up at Justice for Girls! If you have girls from the ages of 5-16 this is the store for you! But full's pricey UNLESS you purchase their Justice Club Card. Mom's this is worth it's money in GOLD! It costs $25 and entitles you to 30% off year-round! But it gets better...if you have any of their special certificates, like their 40% off your entire purchase, you get an additional 5% off. That's nearly 50% off your entire purchase! That's huge!!!! I have more than received my $25 back. Oh, and their J-Bucks are going now! For every $50 you spend, you get $40 back in J-Bucks! These are good starting 11/28...Just in time for Christmas shopping! And for those of you who do the traditional Christmas PJs, you're gonna love what they have for you! Oh and don't forget to tell Santa about the awesome Stocking Stuffers! (Yeah this place is EVIL...Crack-Cocaine for Tweens and their shopoholic moms!)

Needless to say our little Kalli made out like a bandit with her Birthday Gifts! She's gonna be one hot lookin chic at school!
After shopping we met my dad and Chris and all the kids and we went to see "Michael Jackson's This is It" This was Chris' third time seeing it and my second time. So yeah, I think we love it. It truly is an amazing film and just shows without question what a talented star MJ was. It made me so sad to watch and know that he is gone as is his talent. The concert that he was putting together was amazing and I cannot imagine the heartbreak the performers involved have experienced. My dad was just enthralled the entire time! Watching the movie and him perform all of his biggest hits was like reliving my childhood. It was a great time! In fact it was such a great time, that at Kalli's birthday party later that night, we ALL decided, all 24 of us Johnson's to run to theatre and see it again! Babies, little kids and all in tow, we watched the late night siblings and I practically dancing in the isles! It was a great night! If you ever loved MJ...Go see this movie! It has been extended through Thanksgiving weekend!

Today has been a typical lazy Sunday with the kids. But the part that I wanted to share, not necessarily a recommendation, but just something fun to BLOG about. My sister and BIL bought Cydnee "Coraline" the movie with the 3D version. My kids have never seen a movie in 3D and let me tell's been effin hilarious watching them go through this experience! Jaxon has been exclaiming every minute.."WHOA this is AWESOME!" or "UH Mommy, I don't like it!" So funny! To say the least we will be going to the 3D version of Disney's "A Christmas Carol"! (But not until after Thanksgiving!)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

15 Days Ladies...GO TEAM EDWARD

Yeah, I'll be getting my copy of this magazine as well!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

18 Days Ladies..

Seriously??? Seriously!!!! OH MY EDWARD!!!!

A Vamptastic Halloween!

Why has Blogger become so difficult??? UGH! Loading pictures is a horrible time and a great struggle!!!! Anyone know what I am doing wrong or what has changed???

Sorry total sidebar there!

We had the most Fangtastic Halloween this year. I believe confidently that it was our best Halloween Bash yet. The only thing that would have improved it would to have all of our kids with us.

My friend's new boyfriend made a comment the other night that "I appear to make Halloween an investment!" I loved that! Because I absolutely do! And fortunately Chris has and does fully support that investment as he loves Halloween as much as I do!

This year's theme was Skull and Bones, and it turned out wonderful! As usual everything looked terrific and spooky! I decided to try something new this year and that is to put out our firepits in the drive-way and sit around fires as we handed out trick-or treaters! It was a HUGE success and we were by far the most popular house in the neighborhood!

As we all stood around the fires, completely decked out in our costumes, all the neighbors saw what serious Halloween Partiers we all were!

We warmed up after trick-or-treating with an awesome Hot Witches Brew! Then we finished up with gobs of good food and goodies!

My brother Jett dressed as Michael Jackson, so for nearly two hours we played homage to the King of Pop and we danced and lip-synced to just about every song MJ ever produced. It was great fun!

Everyone participated by dressing up which just added to the funness of the evening. My little brother delighted all of us with the scariest Joker outfit I've ever seen! But boy did he have fun with it. He dodged in and out of the street...chasing cars...and scaring all the teenagers! We had a blast watching him terrorize everyone!

Having the same kind of fun was Chris who surprised Jaxon, the Jedi, by dressing up as Chewbaca! Though with the height difference he looked more like an Ewok than Chewie! Love him for trying though!

Like I said, it was a fabulous night, and I'm not so sure I can top this one. And who knows where Chris and I will be next year. So this was a good year to end with a bang!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hilarious BLOG about my new Vamp Show

This is soooo funny gals! Seriously, I am in LOVE, LOVE with "The Vampire Diaries!" Stefan is so incredibly beautiful and hot it's sick! Did I mention I wish I could just have one of those? My cute little Caitlin found this and shared it with me. Please just use the link below and ignore the rest of this Busy Bee's's RaTarDED! Girl is indeed a busy bee loving herself! (I digress!) Anywhoo...the season is totally heating up and I am so happy that I can have Vamplove YEAR-ROUND NOW!

30 days till Edward!

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